Dаta Center-2020: models, services, infrastructure

Data Center conference will be held on October 29, 2020 in St. Petersburg




For more than 11 years of history conference "Data Center" was the Russian main professional event for those who design, builds and operates data centers.

A key objective of the forum was knowledge sharing, identification and discussion of industry and global trends that have a direct impact on the development of mission-critical enterprise information infrastructures. The main thematic directions of the conference were and still are the issues of improving the reliability and efficiency of information systems.

Only through dialogue and exchange of best practices between all participants of the market, data center owners, operators, manufacturers and planners can further the development and solution of specific practical problems at different stages of the life cycle of the data center. Therefore, the development of the conference programme we always take into account the interests of different groups of specialists: project managers, chief engineers, designers, operators to managers of data centers, investors, CIOs, marketing and sales of datacenter services.

Thanks to the participation of most Russian and many foreign experts, analysts, leading industry experts, exhibitors at the conference, presents several unique opportunities for communication and exchange of experience.

At the conference "Data Centers: models, services, infrastructure" in St. Petersburg will consider the current market situation and forecasts of the model the implementation of it services, all key aspects in the creation, operation, management of data centers, namely:

Services and models of their implementation

  • New business models and partnerships
  • Public private partnership
  • Cloud Services (IaaS, PaaS, Saas, and others.)
  • Traditional services (colo and others.)
  • Outsourcing



  • Modular data centers
  • SDN, NFV, network infrastructure
  • Big Data
  • DCSO
  • New engineering solutions



  • Design and construction
  • Increasing reliability and efficiency
  • Lower TCO
  • Commissioning, QA
  • Standards and Certification
  • Building management and maintenance
  • Modernization


Systems and Technology
  • Climatic equipment
  • Control and monitoring systems (DCIM)
  • Virtualization and consolidation
  • Servers, Storage
  • Cable Systems
  • Fire and Security


Amount of participants: 250 + delegates.

Audience: owners and managers of data centers, investors, CIOs, Director of construction, heads of operations, it and engineering services.

A feature of the conference is the participation of a large number of representatives of vertical markets, such as government agencies and major Russian enterprises, financial sector, Telecom, retail, oil and gas, insurance, medicine, education etc.

Order the conference was attended by only the target professional audience, the work at the invitation of the parties we hold exclusively individually.

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